Hello, my name's Felicity, I became interested in creating monsters during the final stages of my BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Newcastle University. I created full size costumes which transformed my friends into humorous beings from another world.


Felicity Langthorne

Since completing my degree I played an integral role in founding and directing Gallery Glue as part of Glue Group in Newcastle upon Tyne. The gallery provided many opportunities for me to develop my monstrous ambitions as I began to use sock monsters as maquettes for costume work and they were included in Gallery Glue's first exhibition, Analogue-9.


The monsters developed into all shapes and sizes, which finally culminated into my own sock monster boyfriend called Archibald.

Along the way I received a multitude of requests from people wanting their own monsters and so I decided it was time to take the little blighters to market for them to find their own homes and travel the world!